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There’s more than meets the eye’ when buyers prioritize buying green construction

Categories: New Homes Chicago | Posted: April 6, 2017

With the increased emphasis on preserving the environment and concern for the cost of operating the systems in a home, both homebuilders and buyers are placing a high priority on green construction.

Green construction may include building materials and energy-efficient components, and rating systems have been established to assist consumers in evaluating the energy efficiency of homes.

“We are totally committed to focusing on green building, and we express that by our attention to detail and by implementing quality products like the Panasonic Whisper Green exhaust fan,” says Chris Coleman, Chicago Division president for William Ryan Homes. “It has been a tradition with our 25-year old company to be a leader in using green building materials and striving to constantly improve the energy-efficiency of our homes.”

The company includes a “WOW House Exhibit” on its website that shows the green features of a William Ryan Homes home in an easy-to-see, consumer-friendly fashion.

“We believe that many of the features shown on the exhibit set us apart from typical industry standards, and enable us to offer a very comfortable, efficient and environmentally-friendly home,” Coleman says.

A sampling of the features on the exhibit include a 93 percent efficient furnace with programmable thermostat, sealed supply and multiple returns; 2-foot-by-6-foot exterior wall construction for an R-21 insulation value with weather barrier wrap that reduces energy use and air and moisture infiltration that increases energy efficiency and improves air quality; and Energy Heel Roof trusses with R-49 ceiling insulation for better attic insulation and reduction of the loss of conditioned air. William Ryan Homes have an impressive HERS Index rating of 63.

Homebuyers sensitive to green construction will soon become aware of the HERS rating system. The HERS index is a scoring system established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). The HERS rating is established by the services’ contractors who test the components that affect the efficiency of a home. The lower the HERS Index rating, the more efficient the home is.

“One of the reasons why energy-conscious consumers should consider purchasing new construction is that today’s homes are approximately 40 percent more efficient than those built just 10 years ago,” says Anna Harmon, director of Marketing and Public Relations. “An energy-efficient new home is not only less costly to operate but it is also a more comfortable place to live.”

Building Science Principles (BSP) are foundational for those in the industry who build and certify homes, and they demonstrate how the various components of the home interact to affect the home’s overall performance. Relationships between the building envelope, heating, air conditioning, insulation, mechanicals, ventilation, lighting, appliances and other systems.

“New innovations in green building are constantly evolving, as homebuyers seek the greater comfort and affordability tighter, smarter homes provide,” Esperson says.

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